The key isn’t putting out more content. It’s putting out the right content.

Here’s how.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Our software analyzes your entire (and competitive) content universes to determine the type of content you need to drive brand awareness.

Learn quantity and quality of brand awareness content

Identify the content driving awareness

Develop the right content to increase brand awareness

2. Drive Demand

Our software is smart enough to determine how well you support your buyer's journey and tell your brand story. Learn what content will bring new leads, increase speed of sale and close more deals.

Learn your customer’s journey and how your content supports those journeys

Fill the holes in the journeys

Develop the right content to drive demand

3. Improve Engagement

Whether it's improving time-on-page in your thought leadership material or more shares on Twitter; you know which metrics are important. Our software enables us focus on the metrics you care about and tell you how to increase engagement.

Driving Engagement Example

Pick the metrics important to you

Understand what content drives engagement and WHY it works

Use recommendations on new content attributes to use

Test content pre-publish

4. Content Audit/Strategy

Maybe you're new to the organization or you just aren't sure where to start. We can audit your content, your competitors content, and have strategy in place in less than 30 days.

Content Audit/Strategy Example

Find, score and profile all content in less than 5 days

Compare content profile to competition and best-in-class

Have insights on your brand position & storytelling acumen in less than 2 weeks

Introduce new content strategy within 30 days

What to expect:

Our software dashboard.

Content Overview

Understand your content universe as well as competitors.

Content Analysis

Drive into detail, identify competitive weakness and uncover opportunities to differentiate.

Test & Measurement

Test draft content before publishing and measure content performance.

There are a few ways to work with us:

Self Serve

You license the 8 Point Arc software, then handle the analysis on your end.

Full Serve

We’ll take care of the entire process, including analysis and recommendations.

Agency Partner

We’ll work with your agency to adopt the process on your behalf. Or work with one of our 8-Point Arc certified partner agencies