The key isn’t putting out more content. It’s putting out the right content.

Here’s how.

1. Score and Segment

Our software looks at your entire content universe, including your competitors, and scores its effectiveness based on presence of different marketing elements.

It scores and segments:

White Papers
Blog posts
Social Feeds
Feature Articles
Radio (coming soon)
Video (coming soon)

2. Analyze

Based on scores, it provides an analysis of your performance against your competitors, pinpointing areas where your content can improve and stand out.

It analyzes:

Use of Best Practice
Engagement Purpose
Marketing Techniques
Proper Use of Brand Identity
Storytelling Continuity

3. Test and Tweak

It gives you the insights to create a new content marketing plan, enabling you to test draft content before you publish it—so you can be sure it will perform well and aligns with your strategy

It enables:

Comparison of pre-published content to strategy
Pre-publish tests of complete campaigns
A/B tests of different content type

4. Measure

With Google Analytics and other activity data, it continues to measure the effectiveness of your new strategy, so you can adjust as needed.

It measures:

Total page views
Total users
Unique users
Time spent on page

What to expect:

Our software dashboard.

Content Overview

Understand your content universe as well as competitors.

Content Analysis

Drive into detail, identify competitive weakness and uncover opportunities to differentiate.

Test & Measurement

Test draft content before publishing and measure content performance.

There are a few ways to work with us:

Self Serve

You license the 8 Point Arc software, then handle the analysis on your end.

Full Serve

We’ll take care of the entire process, including analysis and recommendations.

Agency Partner

We’ll work with your agency to adopt the process on your behalf. Or work with one of our 8-Point Arc certified partner agencies