Content marketing needs an intervention. Which is why driving more innovative, storytelling fueled marketing has become our obsession. But our focus is not solely on the marketing. Our sights are set on the people.

We constantly strive to be better content marketers and want the same for our partners, our employees and most of all our heroes; our clients. Everything we do, from the products we offer to our own content marketing is with that end in mind.

If you strive for improvement and yearn to find ways to be unique in your content marketing efforts, we are the company for you.

Our values

For us, failure is learning. We push to be different. We stay positive and have no interest in drama. If it stops being fun, it's time to ask why. No matter how difficult, if we always do what's right, we can never go wrong. We are looking for believers in the mission, not just employees looking for a job.

Our founders

Brian Dames

By far, the most rewarding moments in my career have been when I have been lucky enough to work with people to help them reach their goals. One of the beautiful things about starting a company is we have the freedom to make it whatever we want. So holding true to those rewarding moments, helping people evolve is the founding principle of our company. Our own content marketing, our solution, our training curriculums etc. will all be aimed at helping content marketers better at what they do, not just using our products - and I cannot express how exciting that is.

Rob Fuller

Seeing the raw potential in things is so exciting, but I've learned how hard it is to put that potential to work. That’s what drives me in starting this company - a chance to unlock the tremendous potential of a bunch of new technologies - make them into a benefit to help things evolve. Technology has these raw ingredients that are so powerful yet useless on their own. We can make such a difference by applying them in meaningful ways - not just in our core product, but by showing people how all sorts of things are connected and help them understand the interaction. Its so rewarding when technology becomes a huge advantage to people - I've seen it happen and want to experience more of it.

Contact Information

Address: 3008 Teak Hawk Cove, Austin Texas, 78746
Phone: 609-644-4878